HAINING SHENGWO TRADING CO.,LTD, Located in Zhejiang China, markets , manufactures and stocks a wide range of fasteners. We possess the capacity and the experience to meet customers request.


During the past years we had experienced an increased demand for our knowledge our sales heavily in Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, France...


Our aim is to always meet the customers’ requests for quality, deliveries and level of service to a competitive cost; we are always taking your request into our consideration. Since we always offer our best services, reasonable prices and punctual delivery , we have a good reputation with our customers.


OFFICE ADD: Room 2202, NO.6 Jiangyuan Road, Haining, Zhejiang, China
FACTORY ADD: Wangdaozhai industrial Area, Xinmin Village, Jiaxing, China
TEL: 86-573-87787870

FAX: 86-573-87936090


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